The Filipino Kickstarter to Using Bitcoin | Part 1

So, you’re from the Philippines and you want to get into bitcoin? This guide is designed to help you get started and give you a kick start ahead into the bitcoin community. This article isn’t strictly for Filipino newcomers, but a lot of the tips here will refer to bitcoin services that are available or supported in the Philippines.


The first thing you want to do is to get yourself a wallet. Your wallet is basically your account in the bitcoin community, and you’re going to need it if you’re going to get into cryptocurrency. A bitcoin wallet holds your private keys that you need to spend or use your bitcoins. Once you obtain one, you’ll be given a bitcoin address, a “username” you’ll be using and giving to others so that they can interact with your wallet, allowing them to send you bitcoin in return.

There are many ways to get yourself a wallet. For a beginner, I highly recommend Blockchain, GreenAddress and Coinbase. These are web wallets, which means that you’ll need an internet browser to go to the corresponding wallet provider’s website to access it. All of them have mobile apps as well, so you can send and receive funds on the go.

Getting a web wallet is as simple as signing up in the provider’s website and that’s it – you have a bitcoin wallet.

Once you’re done with that, get used to the interface, read up a couple guides, get yourself a few satoshis at a faucet or two, and when you’re finished twiddling your thumbs and you’re finally ready to step up, move on.


So now you have a wallet. Now what? You don’t really think you can get yourself your first millibit by gambling all day at Primedice or hanging out at the faucet 24/7, do you? Now what you’re going to want to do is to get into the bitcoin community. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network, so you’re not exactly going anywhere without peers.

Why not sign yourself up at the forums, get yourself a job at /r/Jobs4Bitcoins on Reddit or chat up someone you know who’s already into bitcoin? Look up Philippine bitcoin communities on Facebook or Twitter, or even get yourself into a group or two. There’s the Bitcoin PH and Bitcoin Organization of the Philippines groups as well, so if you already have a Facebook, you can get yourself into those.

Just introduce yourself and talk to people. You’re not going anywhere without completing this step, but it’s not at all that hard. The Bitcoin community is huge, and you don’t have to lock yourself into one group. Get your friends to join and team up, and maybe, just maybe, you’d find yourself signing up for a job.


Okay, this part can be a little challenging. You might say, “I don’t even make a single cent in real life and you expect me to get employed that fast just by meeting random strangers on the internet?!”, and to that I respond: Well, no. Meeting people you can get to know on the internet is as easy as getting into a bitcoin-themed chatbox and the occasional cryptocurrency chat roulette, and getting yourself a job on the internet and getting paid for it sounds a little suspicious and a little bit of a scam, after all, isn’t that everybody’s dream?

So let’s just set it straight, you’re not going to be making any notable income if you have absolutely nothing to offer, but isn’t that kind of why you’re looking for a job? Because you know you can do something and want to get paid for it? What are you already great at? If you’re already great at writing code, composing music or drawing artworks then chances are you have already have a good chance at getting yourself a job. Go ahead and sign up a bitcoin job finder or try it’s sub-reddit at /r/Jobs4Bitcoins.


Next time, we’ll talk about using the money you’ve earned, and what services you can use to spend the precious bitcoins you’ll be saving up. We’ll be talking about currency exchanges, remittances and some services you may need to understand to get further with bitcoin.

This guide may have been a little harsh, and not exactly welcoming, and that’s not the vibe I wanted to give off when writing this guide. The truth is, the bitcoin community isn’t all that hard to get into, but the thing is, you have to learn to make an effort. There’s no real magic trick that will get yourself those bitcoins, there’s no special formula or ten steps to follow to suddenly have wads of cash. It’s all just hard work, but in the end, it’s surely paid off.

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