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ONLINE merchants selling physical and/or digital goods are slowly adopting Bitcoin as their primary payment method. Bittunes, an indie music marketplace, helps automate payments and ease sales for aspiring big-time musicians.

Bittunes is an app that can be downloaded in Google Play. It allows its users to either become Music Makers, Music Movers and Music Promoters. Music Makers are users who upload and sell their music to the public. Music Promoters are users who do what they can to promote the music inside Bittunes, and Bittunes itself. Music Movers on the other hand, are users who can listen to the music or pay the Music Makers to keep the content offline. Putting up your music for sale in the Bittunes marketplace is a breeze! All you have to do is register, fillmobile in the details required about the track(s) and submit it to the Bittunes team. After a few days, it will be accepted and be published into Bittunes and may start earning royalties! The best thing about Bittunes? Indie musicians who use the app don’t need any licensing or complicated technicalities whatsoever!


If you’re a hobbyist musician looking for some spare change and a small fanbase, or an aspiring indie musician accepting Bitcoin looking to grow, Bittunes is the to-go place for you!


Bittunes in Google Play

Bittunes Blog and Development Website:

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